About us

Travel Tamegroute* is a family business, originating from berber and touareg tribes; main characters are Tarik Aabi and his father Abdou Aabi, 'blue men' that are seen onmany Moroccans postcards.

Their extensive knowledge of southern Morocco, and especially the desert, is naturally transmitted over generations, as for their various collaborators (guides, camel drivers, cooks, musicians ...)
They offer a unique approach of authentic Morocco, almost intimate, almost not accessible by bigger travel agencies.

The women of the family also play an important role, particularly Hassna and the mother Acha through their knowledge of the traditions of hospitality and culinary, which they willingly share with tourists, through coursed always much appreciated (see section 'Cookery courses').

Kindness and joy are always there.

* TAMEGROUTE is a small town 18 km from Zagora, known mainly for its pottery typical green enamel,where you can visit the factory still craft.
Here take place pottery courses organized by 'Travel Tamegroute'.
The pottery in various forms are on sale in shops along the main road.
It is also a place of pilgrimage for many people, with the visit advised of the famous and very old Koranic library, rich text unique, all combined sciences, and amazing manuscripts on gazelle skin.
The famous Koranic school, always assiduously attended, is nearby.

Saturday is souk dqy... Not to be missed!

HOW TO GET TO TAMEGROUTE : Land in Marrakech's airport or, even closer Ouarzazate's one.
You can come to Tamegroute by various means:
- Our 4WD with driver / guide (pickup at the airport)
- Car rental at the airport
- The 'big taxis' frequently used by the local population (moderately priced)
- The bus Marrakech - Zagora and Ouarzazate - Zagora (more economic and ecological way)